Car Power Windows Not Working – Here Are the Possible Reasons

Car Power Windows Not Working – Here Are the Possible Reasons

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Unless you drive a vintage car or your car is a particularly old model, chances are that your car has electric windows that require electrical power to make them function. This is particularly good news because the old crank handles that we used to wind windows up and down were pretty annoying and prone to malfunction the longer you held onto your car.

Today, windows like most things these days, operate at the press of a button. Car electric window repairs and knowing how to fix an electric car door lock are just one of the mechanic’s many talents these days.

Of course technology has a downside. Occasionally it goes wrong. The electric motor in your car can fail and you can be left with a window or windows that you can’t open or close. That won’t stop you driving but it might make you think twice about parking your car in the rain especially, or you’ll be conscious of somebody trying to get in.

Of course you’ll get it fixed and all will be fine but it’s handy to know the causes and if there are any preventative measure that you can take. For instance, there are parts in your electrical system so maybe, like many parts, it’s worth talking to your mechanic about the age of your car and if there is any likelihood that those parts might be on their way out? Let’s go through all the causes of failing power windows:


Window Regulators: This allows the window to move up and down. If that stops working you will need to have it replaced. Maybe ask your mechanic how long a regulator normally lasts.


The window motor: This is how the power gets to your window. If this fails then pretty much everything about your window fails. The motor operates the regulator so it’s a bigger deal than just having a faulty regulator.


Snow and Ice: If you live in a cold climate your windows are going to have to work much harder because the glass can get frozen to the frames. It’s the job of your regulator to get the window moving again. Of course you probably won’t be opening your windows as often in a cold climate but it is something to be conscious of.


The switch: The switch that you press to open and close your windows will naturally wear the more you use it. If the kids are in the back obsessively pressing the switch then this bit of information might encourage you to get them to stop. It’s actually the easiest thing to fix but still …


Wiring:This isn’t so common but it can occur. There are a number of wires that drive the electrical power to your windows and it’s not impossible for the wiring to be damaged during other repairs to your windows. That’s something to keep in mind post repairs to a component in your window.


In most cases a blown fuse or a bad relay is the problem. If it’s the one switch and your mechanic replaces it, it’s a good idea to have your mechanic test the master switch as well. Come to Southern Cross Automotive Repairs for quick and efficient power window repairs in Sydney.

If your power door lock system or power windows have issues, or you suspect that your relays in either or the fuse in your power windows may be having problems, For power windows and locks, bring your car to the professional team at Southern Cross Automotive Repairs for repair.

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