Tips on Reducing Your Fuel Consumption

  • 25 April, 2019 02AM

Fluctuating fuel prices baffle everybody, even the experts whose job it is to find a correlation between the price of oil at the source and what we end up paying for petrol at the bowser. If you have a car then it is going to be your driving habits that provide good fuel efficiency and […]

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Extend Your Car’s Battery Life

  • 27 March, 2019 02AM

There are few things that are as frustrating as a flat battery. It’s a rite of passage for drivers; at some stage we’ve all experienced it. The really annoying thing about a flat battery, when it occurs, is that there’s no warning signs and to make it worse, it always seems to happen when you’re […]

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Get more years from your car

  • 28 February, 2019 02AM

Your car may not be the biggest investment you will make in your life but it’s certainly one of them. Regardless of whether you own your home or not, you will still want to have your car for as long as possible and maintain it in good condition. Most parts have a lifespan and can […]

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Car Power Windows Not Working – Here Are the Possible Reasons

  • 31 January, 2019 02AM

Unless you drive a vintage car or your car is a particularly old model, chances are that your car has electric windows that require electrical power to make them function. This is particularly good news because the old crank handles that we used to wind windows up and down were pretty annoying and prone to […]

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Driving Tips for a Safe Summer Road Trip

  • 11 December, 2018 08AM

Driving the open roads in summer is one of those iconic Australian pastimes that embodies everything about our incredible climate and lifestyle. The joy of getting the car packed and on the road is often the realisation of many months of preparation. Getting past the congestion of Sydney is a very liberating experience. But often […]

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Some 4 Wheel Drive Maintenance Tips to Keep You on the Road

  • 28 November, 2018 08AM

No offense to owners of 4 wheel drives whose miles are accumulated on city streets and the occasional trip out of Sydney. But there’s a big difference between serious off road driving and what you guys get up to on your weekends away. If you plan on taking your 4 wheel drive for a week […]

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Spring Car Maintenance Tips – Prepare Your Car for Summer

  • 29 October, 2018 05PM

Spring in Sydney is an exciting time. We start to venture out a bit more often because the weather, although still a bit erratic at times, is getting warmer. We’re doing some of the things we weren’t able to do while we were hibernating over winter. It also means that the end of the year […]

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Signs Your Power Windows and Locks are Failing

  • 25 September, 2018 05AM

You may not realise that your car windows have a power window switch that allows your windows to open and close. That being the case, if something goes wrong with that switch then it will impact on the efficiency of your windows or prevent them from working altogether. Each window has its own switch. The […]

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Basic Tyre Maintenance – Tips Every Driver Should Know

  • 28 August, 2018 06AM

If you want your car to have great handling, safety and durability you need to maintain and properly inflate your tyres. There is not much your safety systems can do if you your tyre blows out or you hydroplane in wet weather. And ignoring the correct air pressure means your tyres may not be able […]

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Maintaining Your Service Record Can Help Retain Your Car’s Value

  • 21 July, 2018 05AM

We all know that a car depreciates significantly from the time it’s driven off the lot. How much your car depreciates is up to you. Keeping your car in excellent condition with the service record to support your efforts is one of the best ways to increase your car’s value. Your service record proves to […]

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