Car Rego & Inspections

We can efficiently manage all your pink slip (renamed an eSafety check), blue slip and vehicle inspection requirements. In NSW, driving an unregistered vehicle may lead to hefty fines and your car being seized on the spot so it is important to make sure you are on top of all your car rego checks.

All vehicles more than five years old require a safety inspection as a condition of registration renewal. As an authorised vehicle inspection station, we will do your annual car inspection and check that your tyres, brakes, lights and other core components are in good working order before issuing you an eSafety Check (which we email directly to the Roads & Maritime Services on your behalf). We also provide LPG inspections for converted vehicles.

If you have received a white slip − an inspection report rejection slip – we can efficiently outline and undertake the required repairs and issue you with the required pink or blue slip paperwork.

Car Rego & Inspections
Car Rego & Inspections

Blue Slip NSW requirements

We are an Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Station (AUVIS) for blue slips, which are safety inspection reports that prove that a vehicle has passed the required roadworthy, design and identity standards for registration.

You will need a blue slip for:

  • Interstate transfers
  • Vehicles that have run out of registration
  • Vehicles that have been imported

Car pre-purchase inspections

This is a fully comprehensive inspection report that includes a complete check of the vehicle. The inspection involves a thorough jacked-up examination of all mechanical components and also the bodywork, paintwork and under structure, for evidence of any damage or unsatisfactory repair work. The interior and electrical components are checked and the vehicle’s electronic control unit checked for any fault codes followed by a road test.

If you would like peace-of-mind when buying a second hand car, make an appointment today by booking online or calling (02) 9669 5935.

Car Rego & Inspections
Car Rego & Inspections

Complete car rego and inspection service

  • Pink slip (renamed eSafety Check)
  • Blue slip
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Paperwork completed for you
  • Pink slip emailed for you
  • Your permission obtained before any work started
  • Quick, efficient and honest service