Wheels & Tyres

Southern Cross Automotive Repairs are specialists in tyre fitting and can also give you expert advice on the right type of wheels for your car based on our extensive experience and up-to-date product training.

Another essential way to keep your car at its most efficient and to reduce tyre wear is to have a regular wheel alignment. Our staff uses only the latest alignment technology and equipment to adjust the angles of the wheels so that they are set to the car maker’s specification. This ensures that the car travels straight and doesn’t pull to one side.

We will also check the wheel balance to minimise vibrations and rotate your tyres so that the front and rear tyres are being evenly worn to maximise tread life.

We are happy to provide a quote for tyres over the phone on (02) 9669 5935 or email us now to discuss your requirements regarding wheel balancing and alignment.

Wheels & Tyres
Wheels & Tyres

A complete tyre service for complete safety

The right choice of tyres will ensure that you are safe and in control when driving your car. Driving with worn tyres is dangerous to the safety of you, your family and others. We stock a wide range of the best tyres and wheels and can help you choose the right type for you based on brand and budget.

The importance of correct tyre pressure

We can advise you on how to regularly check and maintain the right pressure for your car’s tyres yourself. Keeping the correct air pressure in your tyres is important to ensure your tyres wear longer and handle well. Tyres can easily become underinflated if you don’t check them regularly leading to uneven contact with the road and wear on the inside and outside edges of the tread. Tyres that are inflated too much have a smaller contact area – the part of the tyre that makes contact with the road − which can lead to a loss of traction and poorer braking distances, as well as undue tyre wear.

Wheels & Tyres
Wheels & Tyres

We stock the best tyre brands

  • Bridgestone
  • Dunlop
  • Goodyear
  • Michelin
  • Kumho
  • Pirelli
  • BF Goodrich
  • Falken
  • Cooper
  • Toyo