How to Effectively Use Your Car AC in Summer

How to Effectively Use Your Car AC in Summer

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Nothing is more comforting than retreating to your air-conditioned vehicle from the sweltering conditions. It’s conveniently easy to get your aircon going, but there are some tricks you might not know to use your system more efficiently. With the right eye and these tips, you’ll be driving the most relaxed car this summer.

Try to park under the shade

A simple but effective trick. Parking under the shade helps keep your car cooler throughout the day. While it is not always possible to do this, think about where the sun moves. If there’s no shade around some trees, it’ll likely come in the afternoon. Parking in the shade won’t prevent your car from getting hot, but it will help it not to become a sauna. Can you imagine the amount of energy it would take to cool a sauna down? It’s more comfortable in a car, that’s for sure.

Ventilate before using your aircon

Before you turn that aircon on with the engine, ventilate your car first. All that built-up hot air will take lots of work from your aircon to cool down. Eliminate some of this energy by opening your windows and airing your car out. Taking 90 degree turns with the windows down can quickly prepare the space for a more comfortable experience for your air conditioning. You’ll also feel cooler quicker!

Don’t go full blast straight away

When you first wake up, you don’t have 100% of your energy yet. It takes some time to become fully awake for the day. Same goes for your air conditioning. Any car ac mechanic will tell you the most effective way to use your air conditioning is to start it in low, and slowly build-up to the speed you need. Automatic air conditioning systems follow this process for a reason, so make it a habit. 

Check your coolant levels

The coolant is responsible for getting your air conditioning going and running it smoothly. You should check your coolant levels frequently with heavy air-con usage. If you’re running with no coolant in the tank, your engine could overheat, and you’ll cause significant damage to your whole vehicle. Do not get caught out this summer with a busted car and keep an eye on your coolant levels and cabin air filter with a basic car check up.

Use recirculated air

Highway tunnels aren’t the only place you should be using recirculated air. The car has to work to suck in the hot air outside and make it cold for the inside. Once your vehicle is at a pleasant temperature, recirculated air allows your air conditioning to keep that chilly air cold. Your air-con uses less energy to run, and you get to drive in comfort. Win win!

Don’t forget your car maintenance

Summer is no time to scrap on regular car maintenance. One of the biggest causes of malfunctioning engines is due to mistreating the air conditioning unit. If you have suspicions that your aircon isn’t working as it should, and the car aircon smells off, then look into car air conditioning repairs in Sydney for fast service on your vehicle.

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