Running in Diesel Engine? Check out These Diesel Car Maintenance Tips

Running in Diesel Engine? Check out These Diesel Car Maintenance Tips

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There’s not a huge difference between the maintenance on a diesel vehicle and the maintenance on any other type of vehicle. The main difference is the purpose behind a diesel vehicle. Diesels, for cost and efficiency reasons, are often commercial vehicles so failure to acknowledge these tips might have you off the road for a period and that can be costly to you and your family. Find a diesel specialist in Sydney and visit him regularly. If you are running a business then your diesel mechanic and diesel engine repair service should be listed among your most important contacts. 

Change your oil regularly

Diesel engines run on high heat so oil changes are critical if your engine is to run efficiently and for the long term. Failure to replace the oil blocks the transfer of heat and hinders the role that oil plays in cooling the engine. Every 6 months or 10,000 kms is when you should change the oil. If you tow or do hard kilometres then maybe you should change your oil more consistently.

Check your filters

Filters are located in the engine bay and they should be changed whenever you change your oil. The build up of dirt, grit and residue is damaging to your engine, adds to your overheads because you use more fuel and reduces your vehicle’s longevity.


Changing your coolant is almost as important as changing your oil. We reckon that about 40% of problems with diesel engines can be attributed to failure to top up and change the engine’s coolant. We’ve already mentioned that diesel engines run on high heat which should tell you how important coolant is. 

You won’t need to change it as often as you change your oil but you should top it up regularly. Coolant becomes acidic so changing it every couple of years with checks at regular intervals is really important. If you are ever in doubt about coolant or anything else to do with how to maintain your engine, check the manufacturer’s specifications for a diesel car maintenance checklist.

Draining the Water Separators

Diesel fuel is more easily contaminated than petrol so water and dirt needs to be drained from your diesel engine. Diesel vehicles often have water separators to make sure that contaminated water never reaches the sensitive parts of your engine. If you have an older vehicle and it has no water separator then chat to your diesel specialist and see what he suggests.

Protect your Turbocharger 

The flow of oil coming from the oil pump to the turbocharger is crucial.  Allow your vehicle to start up and idle before you take off. About the worst thing you can do to your turbocharger is to hit the accelerator hard as soon as you start your car.

For all these tips and great service contact Southern Cross Auto, the diesel engine specialists in Sydney. We service and specialise in every type of vehicle: from prestige to commercial vehicles and the family sedan. Call today and experience our service – you won’t regret it. 

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