Signs Your Power Windows and Locks are Failing

Signs Your Power Windows and Locks are Failing

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You may not realise that your car windows have a power window switch that allows your windows to open and close. That being the case, if something goes wrong with that switch then it will impact on the efficiency of your windows or prevent them from working altogether.

Each window has its own switch. The switches are near each window and there’s a master panel that either sits on or near the driver’s door.  The fuse, motor or regulator can fail over time and when that happens, you’ll have little choice buy to replace it.

The same applies if your windows are working erratically: not opening or closing all the way means the switch is on the way out and needs replacing. The same applies if it’s only the master switch that opens and closes your windows but your individual windows are ineffectual.

If the switch is failing you will notice that there is no response when you try to open or close your window. It could be the switch on the window you are trying to open or close or it could be the master switch. In most cases a blown fuse or a bad relay is the problem. If it’s the one switch and your mechanic replaces it, it’s a good idea to have your mechanic test the master switch as well. Southern Cross Automotive Repairs are the power window repair specialists in Sydney. We will diagnose the problem quickly and efficiently.

The same applies to electric car door locks. It is the door lock relay that powers the locking and unlocking of your car doors. When that relay fails it impacts the operation of the door locks. A bad or failing lock should focus the drivers attention to a potential problem that will need to be repaired.

If a power door lock relay fails, it will cut off power to the entire power door lock system and cause them to not function. For vehicles with door lock cylinders you should still be able to lock and unlock doors using a key. Unfortunately, vehicles without door lock cylinders will not be able to lock or unlock the doors until power has been restored.

If your power door lock system or power windows have issues, or you suspect that your relays in either or the fuse in your power windows may be having problems, For power windows and locks, bring your car to the professional team at Southern Cross Automotive Repairs for repair.

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