What Does a Car Engine Diagnostic Test Tell You?

What Does a Car Engine Diagnostic Test Tell You?

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Regular car engine diagnostic tests can tell you a lot about the current state of your car. These tests are great for finding problems associated with the transmission, oil tank, gas tank, exhaust system and more before they get worse and become expensive to repair.

The best way to prevent significant expenses with your car is simply by detecting and fixing possible problems before they happen. Most cars today have built-in computer systems that perform specific functions to keep your vehicle in top condition, and it’s best to keep this system running efficiently. As such, here are some of the diagnostic results that can come when testing your engine.

What Can a Car Engine Diagnostic Test Find?

The most common type of diagnostic test is the On-Board Diagnostic System or OBD test. This simple check can tell you the status of your car’s emission system, oxygen sensors and catalytic converter. There are many different kinds of diagnostic tests, and you can use them to check on the following and more:

  • Fuel injection system (including sensors)
  • Ignition system (spark plugs, coils and misfiring)
  • Automatic transmission control
  • Engine cooling system (including sensors)
  • Throttle system
  • Vehicle speed sensor (wheel and ABS sensor)
  • Emissions control systems (oxygen sensors and catalytic converter)

Like an annual checkup from your GP, regular diagnostic tests are great for identifying problems in your car early. The biggest reason you should do this is to ensure your vehicle won’t break down while driving, leaving you stranded or in a dangerous situation. Diagnostic tests not only detect issues but will also show you whether an issue has occurred once or has been repeated over time. Knowing this can show you the severity of the problem and is helpful for your mechanic. This can also help you figure out what has caused your check engine light to turn on.

What Causes the Check Engine Light to Appear?

If you notice a check engine light appearing on your dashboard, it’s probably not hard for you to imagine what kind of problem it might be indicating. The most common reason for this is a malfunction with your car’s computer system.

Diagnostic tests can pinpoint what might be causing the problem, but it may require a further personal inspection to know exactly what parts are faulty. Sometimes it can be something as small as a loose connection or dirty sensor, so there’s no need to have an expensive mechanic come over for such a small problem. Unfortunately, the check engine light can mean different things for each car, so seeking a car diagnostic service in Sydney can be your best bet in finding a solution, especially if you’re not DIY savvy with vehicles. They can also recommend the best way to tune your car engine.

What Are The Benefits of Car Engine Tuning?

Car engine tuning is another way that people can get more power out of their engines. If your engine isn’t operating at tip-top shape, it’s probably not optimised to its full potential.

Car engine tuning can increase the horsepower, torque and fuel economy of your car. This will not only make your car faster but also save you money on gas.

If you are concerned about the health of your car or are looking for a general mechanic to look after your vehicle, talk to the experts at Southern Cross Auto Repairs today!

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