What is that fluid leaking from my car?

What is that fluid leaking from my car?

Car mechanic Identifying Car Leaks

Leaks from your engine are difficult to spot because it’s often not until you have an empty car space that you manage to see them. Not only that, it’s a challenge to know exactly where the leak came from. Water, oil, transmission fluid, coolant, gear and power steering fluids have different colours and smells and except for your car leaking water, which is actually water draining from your engine, all of them can come from pretty obscure places and should be addressed quickly by your auto mechanic in Sydney.   

Finding the source

Depending on where you park, there is every chance that a leak belongs to the car that had your parking spot before you. If you’re unsure it’s best to get a torch and have a peak beneath your engine.

If it’s your leak and your car then you need to respond according to the colour of the fluid. A bit of white carpet or plywood works best. It will help you determine the colour and where the leak is coming from. 

Oil is light to dark amber and it could be coming from a crankshaft seal under the timing cover, or a valve cover gasket. If it’s a big leak then your car might be depleting and leaving your oil resources  dangerously low. That is potentially more problematic than the leak. Time for your car mechanic services to check the extent of the damage. 

Coolant will most commonly leak from your radiator. That’s not to say the leak won’t be coming from elsewhere. Coolant hoses surround your engine so it can be confusing to find precisely where the leak is coming from. If you run out of coolant your engine can overheat and that’s a pretty drastic result. Let your engine cool before removing the radiator cap. Check and see if you’ve lost a lot of coolant and replenish so your engine doesn’t run dry. After that, contact your mechanic and they’ll find the leak for you. I know there’s a tendency to use car fluid leaks as a bit of a home mechanic DIY exercise but there is plenty of other tinkering you can do that doesn’t have as high a price if you get it wrong.

In the same way that running out of coolant and oil can spell disaster for your engine, losing transmission fluid can spell disaster for your gearbox. The first sign is that your car will rev but be unable to go into gear. Pretty soon the car won’t move at all. It’s another reason to be on the lookout for leaks. As we suggested early on, see if you can determine the colour of the fluid and fill up on the fluid that you are losing. If in doubt check them all and fill them. That will buy you some time before you get to the mechanics for repairs.

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