Your Rego Need to Know Guide

Your Rego Need to Know Guide

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What is a BLUE Slip?

A Blue Slip is one of the key elements of vehicle registration in NSW. The need for a roadworthy certificate makes up a key element of your annual car rego cost. Completing the registration process can still leave even the most organised commuter, disoriented.  We have put together the why, what, where, when guide for your Blue Slip inspection and some useful hints to make confirming the safety of your vehicle hassle free.

Buying a new car or renovating a classic is an exciting prospect for most people.  That said, there is still the required administration to have your project registered for use on NSW roads. Each state in Australia has different requirements for registering your used vehicle.  These elements cover the minimum safety standards in each state, to ensure that all road users are starting their registered year from a safe place – a roadworthy vehicle.


Which Slip?

In NSW there are Green, Pink and Blue slips required for registering a vehicle. The Pink and Blue Slips refer to the physical inspection of the vehicle by a registered mechanic.  The Green Slip comes from your insurer and you will need either a Pink or Blue Slip in order to complete registration of the vehicle. Where a Pink Slip is basic roadworthy certification used for re-registering your vehicle, your Blue Slip inspection includes: Additional checks to confirm ownership and compliance in vehicles that have been unregistered for more than three months; vehicles being registered in NSW having come from interstate or overseas or in the purchase of a second-hand vehicle.


Blue Slip Inspections or AUVIS Certificate

The Blue slip, or recently renamed the AUVIS certificate (Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Scheme) by the NSW Roads and Maritime Authority, is an inspection to confirm that vehicles to be registered in NSW pass minimum safety standards.  Each year there are hundreds of mechanics offering vehicle inspections in Sydney and across regional areas so meeting your NSW Blue Slip Requirements simple and conveniently.


When do you need a Blue Slip?

Blue Slip inspection is checking that the car or parts of it are not stolen and comply with the manufacturer’s requirements.  Even before you confirm you will purchase a second-hand vehicle, it is wise to have a Blue Slip inspection so that there are no nasty surprises after a sale has been agreed. Take your license along with you to your mechanic, as well as sale documents showing the details of the previous owner.  Assuming there are no major problems with your vehicle your Blue Slip inspection can be a quick and painless process.

Once complete most mechanics these days will provide their completed inspection details online so your paperwork is minimal, and you can either attend a Roads and Maritime Authority office to register your vehicle or complete the process online.

Happy motoring!

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