Starter Motors & Alternators

As its name suggests, a starter motor starts your engine when you turn the ignition key by drawing electricity from your car battery to the crankshaft. The alternator recharges your battery while the vehicle is running to keep it at peak starting power. It also works with your battery to operate electrical components, such as headlights, windshield wipers and more.

A malfunctioning alternator can affect the operation of the electrical components and in severe cases, can cause your engine to suddenly stop running. If you are having difficulties starting your engine it does not always mean a flat battery. It’s easy to confuse problems with your battery, alternator and starter motor as they are so closely connected.

As specialists in starter motor repairs and alternator services, our auto electricians will test each individual component to identify the cause of the problem.

Starter Motors & Alternators
Starter Motors & Alternators

Is Your Battery Light On?

An issue with an alternator usually results in the battery charge light coming on while driving. If your vehicle is having trouble turning over and the battery is in good condition, this could indicate a problem with the starter motor. Whatever the problem, we will have you quickly back on the road with your engine running smoothly.

Signs Of A Starter Motor Or Alternator Problem

  • You turn the ignition key to start the car and nothing happens
  • When you try to start your car, all you hear is a click
  • The starter cranks very slowly
  • Your headlights are dimmer than usual
  • You smell burning rubber − a sign that the alternator is overheating
Starter Motors & Alternators
Starter Motors & Alternators

Reasons Why A Car Won’t Start

  • Dead or faulty battery
  • Wear & tear on starter motor
  • Alternator issues
  • Faulty ignition switch
  • Out of petrol
  • Fuel injection problems
  • Fuel in oil