Diesel Engines

At Southern Cross Automotive Repairs, we will ensure your diesel engine operates efficiently and reliably delivering optimised and clean fuel economy. Our services include diagnostics, servicing and repairs to diesel cars, trucks, motor homes and 4WDs.

Some of the common problems with diesel engines include faulty or malfunctioning fuel pumps and blocked injectors. Smoke emissions is an early warning sign that there is something wrong with your diesel engine. It usually means that the vehicle is wasting fuel and engine damage is probably occurring. Routine servicing will eliminate many problems that cause smoke emissions and save you time and money.

Our diesel mechanics understand the complexities of diesel engines. We provide a professional and friendly service at a competitive price and are up-to-date with the latest technology and techniques. Call us on (02) 9669 5935 or email us to discuss the correct maintenance of your diesel engine.

Diesel Engines
Diesel Engines

Regular Cleaning For The Diesel Intake System

Clogging of the diesel intake system with oil build-up, carbon and soot can result in power loss, poor throttle response, high fuel consumption and smoke. We recommend thorough cleaning of the intake system at around every 50,000km. Doing this will reduce overall maintenance costs, while ensuring peak performance, fuel efficiency and a long life for diesel engines in a truck or car.

Diesel Fuel Injection Services A Speciality

When diesel fuel injectors become worn and blocked over time with contaminants, build-up and residue it decreases a vehicle’s power and how it responds. Today’s sophisticated common rail technology requires perfectly calibrated and clean injectors to avoid major engine damage. We diagnose, service, repair and maintain all common rail diesel injectors and systems, including low pressure and high pressure fuel pumps.

Diesel Engines
Diesel Engines

Warning Signs Related To Diesel Engine Problems

  • Smoke emissions
  • Difficulty starting from cold
  • Problems starting when hot
  • Rough running
  • Lacks power
  • Uses too much fuel
  • Stalling