Steering & Suspension

Your vehicle’s steering and suspension system plays an important role in the safety of your vehicle and helps determine how your car will ride and handle. We recommend that you have both inspected at least once a year and any steering repairs or suspension repairs attended to quickly so your safety is not at risk.

We are specialists in power steering repairs and will inspect your entire system, checking rack mounts and the pump, replacing fluid, and adjusting the belts. Power steering requires regular checks to ensure that you are able to manage tight corners effortlessly, and easily turn the wheels when your car is stopped or moving slowly.

If you think you have a suspension issue try pressing downward with your body weight on one corner of the vehicle. If it bounces more than once, the shock or strut is probably worn and needs replacing.

Steering & Suspension
Steering & Suspension

Quality CV Joint and Boot Service

Most vehicles have a Constant Velocity (CV) axle that consists of two CV joints each covered with a rubber casing known as the boot. These parts work with the transmission and the drive shaft to ensure a smooth ride. A cracked boot can no longer protect the CV joints from dirt and moisture causing the joints to fail and stop working.

Car Suspension Services

With its system of springs, shock absorbers and linkages, the suspension helps your vehicle’s cornering ability and also keeps passengers comfortable by reducing the impact of road noise, bumps, and vibrations.

We offer all types of suspension upgrades including:

  • Sports suspension
  • 4WD vehicle lift kits
  • Airbags and bellows for extra load carrying capacity
Steering & Suspension
Steering & Suspension

Warning Signs Of Steering & Suspension Issues

  • Clicking sound when turning
  • Boot grease spots
  • Groaning or whining
  • Vibration when accelerating
  • Rough or hard ride
  • Erratic steering
  • Uneven tyre wear