Five Reasons Why Your Car Air Conditioner is Not Blowing Cold Air

Five Reasons Why Your Car Air Conditioner is Not Blowing Cold Air

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The warmer seasons are fast approaching, and the last thing you’d want is to be caught in a blistering hot day with the cold air conditioning malfunctioning. Save yourself from that scenario by taking the time to check up on your vehicle now. Here are five reasons why cold air may not be blowing through your air conditioner.

The condenser may be blocked

The condenser is a heat exchanger which returns heat from the refrigerant to a liquid state. That liquid then flows to the evaporator, where it cools your car. If your air conditioner isn’t getting cold enough, then you may have a clogged air-conditioning condenser. A clogged condenser will struggle to cool the refrigerant properly, and your car’s system will continue to function with hot refrigerant, causing your ac unit only to expel hot air. The condenser is generally at the front of your car, so a quick inspection may let you see and remove anything blocking it, restoring cooling to your vehicle.

The condenser may be broken

If nothing is blocking the condenser, then it may be broken. This could happen due to equipment failure or something from the road flying in and damaging the condenser. If you notice visual punctures in the condenser, then you may need a mechanic to replace it. You could always try the DIY route, but there are generally many car repairs you should not do yourself to avoid the risk of further damage.

Your refrigerant may be leaking

An air conditioning leak in your car is another common culprit. The refrigerant is the liquid used by the condenser to cool the warm air before it’s blown back into your vehicle. Different vehicles have different refrigerant needs, but they all need it, and it’s natural to lose some over time. Losing too much too quickly, however, is a big problem. Leaking refrigerant may be caused by a damaged hose, loose gasket or a loose connection. Find and repair the cause to stop the leak, then top up your refrigerant levels to repair your air conditioning.

The Air Con Compressor doesn’t engage

The compressor is the power unit of the air con and is responsible for pumping the refrigerant into the condenser to make it the cool air we enjoy. If the compressor stops working, everything stops working and can cause long term damage if not looked into. This is a common problem because the compressor can go wrong when not used for long periods. Many people use their car/ac less in winter, and when the warmer seasons come around, crank it back up to find it no longer works. The best way to prevent this from happening is to use your air conditioning system for at least 15 minutes once a month to keep the compressor and its components active. 

You may be facing electrical problems

Another contributing factor may simply be some components of your air conditioning aren’t receiving power due to a blown fuse or disconnection. A professional car air conditioning service will inspect all the details and wires in your vehicle to diagnose what is causing you air condition cooling problems. By leaving it in professional hands, you’ll know the quality of your service and will be back on the road in no time.

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