7 Car Repairs You Shouldn’t Do By Yourself

7 Car Repairs You Shouldn’t Do By Yourself

Disadvantages of DIY car repair

When the inevitable car repair is needed, people are looking to avoid the high costs of professional car repairs and follow the “service your own car” route. The vast amount of DIY videos on the internet may let you think it’s within your grasp, and honestly, some tasks are, like replacing a spark plug. Your vehicle is a complicated machine, and without the prior knowledge of a certified mechanic, you should never try to do 7 of these car repairs on your own.

  1.  Windscreen replacements

That tiny chip in your windscreen is only going to get bigger the longer you leave it. Professional windscreen replacements in NSW go from $250 to $1000, depending on the vehicle and type of glass. If this sounds like too much for you, you could always get some glass from a car junkyard, then purchase all the adhesive, fresh clips and required glass trimming pieces to do it yourself. If you miss a step, you could see yourself with a leak, ruining your interior or shattered glass everywhere. Save yourself the time and risk, and get it done correctly.

  1.  Brake plumbing and reservoir replacement

Tampering with and trying to replace anything to do with the brakes can be dangerous. Your brakes are responsible for giving you a controlled stop. Imagine if your brakes suddenly stopped working when you’re going down the highway at 90km/h and need to stop? DIY replacements may not always go to plan, and this is something you don’t want to take the risk on.

  1.  Transmission

The transmission is more often than not the most complex part of your car, and for a good reason. The transmission is responsible for allowing your vehicle to drive forward, or reverse. It’s too important to try and repair on your own, and missing even one step on the DIY list can cost an unbelievable amount, getting to the point where the effort is more than its worth.

  1.  The Radiator

This bad boy is essential to keep your engine cool. Without it, your car would overheat and begin to malfunction, resulting in some expensive repair bills. There’s an endless stream of video content out there claiming how easy this replacement is, but it is not. In some cars, you also need to take apart the AC unit. From there, you may need your car’s air conditioner gas refilled. If any hoses or screws come loose, then you’ll risk blowing your engine, leaving you in a very tight situation. Would you instead pay to replace the radiator or your entire engine?

  1.  Shock Absorbers

Shock Absorbers can be a dangerous repair for not only the car but yourself too. Getting this repair wrong will cause a severe safety hazard and make your vehicle unroadworthy. There have been many reports of crushed hands and fingers from a DIY repair, and others who can’t even tell what the shock absorber looks like on their vehicle. Don’t take the risk on this one, and get it done right. 

  1.  Electrical wiring replacements

Your car’s wiring is complicated, vast and may be extremely difficult to understand if you have no experience with it. Not only do you risk plugging sockets into the wrong places, you may also risk breaking one of the connections, requiring even more repairs. If a certified industrial electrician tends to shy away from this job, then it’s a good idea to follow suit.

  1.  Diesel engine repairs

Diesel engines are complex is an understatement. Engines are built in specific ways to let your car run as efficiently as possible. There are essential maintenance tips in your vehicle’s manual that you should be aware of, but when it comes to troubleshooting diesel engine problems, send it into a mechanic.

The car is a wonderful machine that gets you from point A to B. Don’t skimp on any repairs it may need for your safety and the safety of others. Your local auto repair shop in Sydney will give you the best advice on how to diagnose any car problems, and whether further action is needed to maintain your vehicle.

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