Driving Tips for a Safe Summer Road Trip

Driving Tips for a Safe Summer Road Trip

summer driving tips

Driving the open roads in summer is one of those iconic Australian pastimes that embodies everything about our incredible climate and lifestyle. The joy of getting the car packed and on the road is often the realisation of many months of preparation. Getting past the congestion of Sydney is a very liberating experience.

But often complacency leads to accidents. Once you’re out of the traffic there’s a tendency to relax and put the car on cruise control and you start thinking about having your feet up rather than keeping your eye on the road.

The best ways to avoid car accidents is to concentrate and drive a well maintained car. That way your trip, in fact your entire holiday, can continue to be liberating. But if you have ever been on holidays and had things go wrong then you’ll know that it really comes down to the preparation. One of the worst things that can happen are car problems especially if you are reliant on it to get to where you’re going and once there, you need it to get around. The last thing you need is to be stranded or waylaid in some unexpected location waiting for parts or for the repair shop to open.


Loading the car

Don’t just jam everything in and hope for the best. It’s a legal requirement to have pets secured in cars so don’t risk injury, accident or a fine by ignoring the law. Secure your load. Poorly secured loads are a big no no and police are on the lookout for anybody who has a load that might destabilise.

Some other important points to remember when loading your car is to not block your rear or side vision and distribute the weight evenly across your vehicle.


Car maintenance

The closest thing you can do to ensuring a problem free road trip is to get your car serviced before you go. A car inspection and repair if necessary, will highlight anything that needs to be repaired before you leave.

Make sure you tell your mechanic that you plan on travelling and he might give you a few tips on things you should do at the end of each leg to ensure your safety. The best car mechanic is the one who always has your safety in mind so take his summer driving tips and you’ll have a much more enjoyable break.

If you have a service then things like checking your fluids (water, oil, brake and wiper fluid) should have been taken care of but it’s still good to keep an eye on them, especially towards the end of the trip.

The same with lights. Make sure everything is working properly for safety reasons and do avoid a fine. Problems with the lights can be the precursor or an indication that something is wrong with the electric in your vehicle.

Tyre maintenance is very important. A change in tyre pressure at high speed can be extremely dangerous. Make sure your spare is at the correct pressure and ready to go. Don’t forget a jack and a wheel brace and anything else that your mechanic thinks you might need.


Other drivers

Once you hit the road you need to be on the lookout for other drivers. If you’ve spent anytime on open roads then you’ll have seen some pretty crazy behaviour. You have to make sure that you maintain your own standards and not normalise or become irritated by what you see. It’s not only the risk of something happening to you or your family, you could get a hefty fine and even a suspension and that’s about the last thing you need.

And if you are less than satisfied or if your mechanic isn’t paying as much attention to the safety checks on your vehicle as you would expect, try another auto shop in Sydney. Contact Southern Cross Auto Repairs. We carefully follow manufacturers instructions and we believe your safety, and that of your family is our primary responsibility.

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