Basic Tyre Maintenance – Tips Every Driver Should Know

Basic Tyre Maintenance – Tips Every Driver Should Know

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If you want your car to have great handling, safety and durability you need to maintain and properly inflate your tyres. There is not much your safety systems can do if you your tyre blows out or you hydroplane in wet weather. And ignoring the correct air pressure means your tyres may not be able to absorb the weight of your vehicle especially if you have additional passengers.

These are all high level safety issues that can be avoided by wheel balancing and alignment when recommended by your mechanic, regular services and checking your tyres and air pressure when you fill up. You may not be aware that tyres naturally lose 1-2 psi per month. That means if you fail to check your psi for one month only you can be well below the required and safe tyre pressure.

You should also rotate your tyres every 10,000 kilometres or whenever you notice one tyre that might be wearing faster than another. That there are more front-wheel-drive vehicles on the road these days means front tyres wear at a much faster rate than rear tyres. You can achieve an even tread by periodically rotating the front tyres to the back and the back tyres to the front. You’ll get increased mileage and performance when you do.

Some roads can be more difficult than others to drive on. Don’t underestimate the way that potholes, bumping into a kerb or running over large branches or debris can potentially harm your vehicle. Before you go on a long trip another precaution you should take is a professional tyre check carried out by a team of experts. You’ll get much improved value and it’s much safer for you and the longevity of your value by adhering to the owner’s manual and the maximum load your vehicle can handle.

Southern Cross Automotive are the best car mechanics in Sydney. We will advise you on how to regularly check and maintain the right pressure for your car’s tyres yourself.

For you and your family’s safety you should contact Southern Cross Automotive repairs for professional tyre maintenance services.

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