Get more years from your car

Get more years from your car

Make your car last longer

Your car may not be the biggest investment you will make in your life but it’s certainly one of them. Regardless of whether you own your home or not, you will still want to have your car for as long as possible and maintain it in good condition.

Most parts have a lifespan and can be replaced. How well your car runs and how long you manage to keep it is entirely up to you and how well you treat it. Kind treatment of a car generally comes down the quality of your driving and how regularly you have your car serviced.

The average driver only keeps his car for six years but there’s no reason why you can’t keep it for longer if you:

Keep track of your vehicle’s car maintenance schedule. How regularly you should have your car serviced is clearly marked in your manufacturer’s handbook. The handbook not only tells you when your car needs a service but also the parts, top ups and checks for each scheduled service. Once you’ve had your car serviced you can check each one off with your mechanic. Regular services tops the list if you want longevity from your vehicle.

Tyre pressure is often neglected by car owners but very important for the health and reliability of your vehicle. There’s a very good reason for that. If you don’t pay attention to the PSI on your tyres you could have an accident. Over inflated tyres don’t respond well to debris or potholes and can lead to a loss of control. Under inflated tyres are bad for fuel economy and expose too much of your tyre to the road’s surface.

Don’t speed to get off the mark, it leads to a gradual decline in the performance of your engine. Acceleration plays an important role in the functioning of your car. You need it to merge or to get you up inclines. If you use it when you need it then your car will perform when you need it to.

Warning lights are there for a very good reason. If you are lower on fluids then that will compromise the performance of your vehicle and possibly its longevity. Driving around without oil because you have failed to heed the car warning signs and lights will never end well. The same applies to brake fluid and coolant.

And if you are less than satisfied or if your mechanic isn’t paying as much attention to the safety checks on your vehicle as you would expect, try the best car repair shop in Sydney. Contact Southern Cross Auto Repairs. We’re the trusted Sydney mechanic who carefully follows manufacturers instructions. We believe your safety, and that of your family is our primary responsibility.

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