Maintaining Your Service Record Can Help Retain Your Car’s Value

Maintaining Your Service Record Can Help Retain Your Car’s Value

Car Service Record

We all know that a car depreciates significantly from the time it’s driven off the lot. How much your car depreciates is up to you. Keeping your car in excellent condition with the service record to support your efforts is one of the best ways to increase your car’s value.

Your service record proves to a potential buyer that your car runs as well as it looks. In some cases it can even suggest that your car’s performance defies its age. You may have maintained your car well and changed components, liquids and belts according to factory requirements, but not having a service record puts doubt in a buyer’s mind. It doesn’t help to say that on one hand you’ve been disciplined enough to maintain your car but not disciplined enough to keep your records up to date on the other.

And these days it’s easy to access a vehicle’s service schedule. Potential buyers can quiz you on the completion of a service, replacement or repair that was due for every stage of your car’s journey. Of course, a well maintained service record can avoid those problems.

A service history check for your car not only helps buyers to eliminate unsuitable cars but it also helps owners to sell a car quickly. Records of oil changes and meeting factory service requirements stamped into your service booklet is reassuring. It’s especially reassuring for buyers who have limited knowledge about cars.

That’s because a large proportion of buyers are looking for reliability. They want a dependable car that won’t cause them problems. Others may be more discerning. Dependability will be a prerequisite but so might: A body free from dents and scratches; wheels that haven’t been damaged from parallel parking; and a pristine interior.

Being disciplined about servicing can be enhanced by the same diligence to body and interior repairs. It’s hard to avoid getting your car scratched in car parks or never hitting your wheels when parking. But your car mechanic should be able to recommend an auto shop in Sydney that repairs dents and scratches. A build up of dirt and grime can really damage your car’s finish as can salt water if you live near the ocean. In Sydney there are lots of opportunities for your car to be exposed to both. Regularly washing your car and the benefits to your car’s appearance tells potential buyers that you are a responsible owner – the type of owner that it’s safe to buy a car from. When it’s time to sell your efforts might pay off.

You can avoid eating and drinking in your car to prevent stains appearing on your upholstery. And the odour of stale cigarette smoke rarely leaves no matter how diligent you think you are about keeping your windows down.

Like everything in Sydney, the car market is competitive. An auto shop in Sydney like Southern Cross Automotive can give you a comprehensive rundown on: How to drive your car to maintain its value and economy; preempt repairs or replacements that you will need at different points in your vehicle’s mileage; regularly changing your oil to keep your car running efficiently; and when the time’s right, having a full evaluation of your engine and transmission by an expert car mechanic so you know what is required to maintain a vehicle that’s gaining in age. A well maintained ageing vehicle will be more valuable than a poorly maintained ageing vehicle.

The time will come when you will need to trade in your vehicle or sell it privately. Maintenance and care combined with keeping your service records will help you to get top dollar for your vehicle

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