Most Common Auto Transmission Problems

Most Common Auto Transmission Problems

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The mechanics of the modern car is driven by a sophisticated computer system that is as prone to glitches as your technology at home. And like your technology at home, when it’s working it makes life very pleasurable but if it goes wrong it can be frustrating and costly. In your car, one of those glitches can set off a domino effect. It may appear at first to be a performance issue that you hope will go away the longer you drive. Invariably it’s not, and to make things worse you find that your inaction and neglect has cost you more money.

One of the symptoms is obviously when you change gears. Under normal circumstances you shouldn’t feel any grinding, slipping or shaking when you change gears but if you do then you most likely have an issue that you need to address. When you have a problem with your gears they invariably get worse not better. You may need a transmission repair by a trustworthy automatic transmission service in Sydney. Remember, slipping gears is a really dangerous occurrence and could lead to a serious accident. If your car slips out of gear you have effectively lost control of your vehicle. 

The same goes for a whining or clunking sound that you hear when you put your car in neutral. It could be that there’s a part that is about to give out. If that’s the case, willing or wishing the sound away won’t help, you will need to have a mechanic look into it for you.

You may notice that when you put your car in drive or reverse it is either slow to respond or it doesn’t respond at all. You might have an issue with the transmission fluid. It may have thickened and it’s no longer doing its job in which case you should get your mechanic to change it. Another transmission fluid issue is leaking. If it continues to leak then your engine will be depleted and unable to perform the lubricating role it is meant to perform. 

Alternatively, it could be a problem with your computer system. If you don’t think it can be corrected by an automatic transmission fluid change, you can recalibrate the system by disconnecting your battery for 30 minutes and then reconnecting it. If that doesn’t work then have your mechanic check it out. 

A burning smell is a great indicator that you have some problems with your transmission. This is also due to your transmission fluid, only this time it is because it has overheated. If your transmission fluid is overheating then it is unable to do its job which is to lubricate your system to ensure it’s running properly. There are two problems with overheating transmission fluid. One is the damage that burning fluid will do to your system and the other is to understand what is causing it to burn. 

If you are concerned about your automatic transmission then you should contact Southern Cross Automotive Repairs and have one of our highly skilled mechanics check it out for you. Remember, like most things in life, prevention is better and less expensive than the cure so book in regular services to avoid any long term issues with your vehicle.

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