Some New Year’s Resolutions for your Car

Some New Year’s Resolutions for your Car

Clean car interior

A great new year’s resolution is to resolve to take better care of your cars this year. You might think that we’re suggesting that just because we’re car mechanics and car servicing is our bread and butter. That would be more than just a little bit cynical. Cars that are properly serviced and maintained are safer; that much better for the environment; will cost you less in the long run because you replace parts before they become critical and affect your vehicle’s performance; and your car will last longer.

We’re not suggesting you have your car serviced every month. Bi-annual is adequate and more often if there is something that’s concerning you or something that we’ve suggested that you keep an eye on. For safety, always check the brakes on your car and be diligent with tyre maintenance. Commit to checking your tyre pressure every other time that you stop and fill up. Anything askew with either your brakes or your tyres, you should be calling your mechanic immediately. Don’t forget that your tyres should be alternated every 5,000 – 10,000 kilometres. 

Wash your car and keep the interior clean.

If you want to maintain the value of your car, keep the interior looking as pristine as possible and protect the finish on your car. Little chips that you can pick up in car parks should be covered over lest rust gets in and starts to corrode beneath your duco. If you want to trade in your car or sell it privately, take good care of it.

Invest in a detail

The bucket and shammy are great for maintenance but a nice deep clean inside and out by a professional detailer can make all the difference to the longevity of a car. Don’t forget you will need to keep fronting up for rego. NSW is particularly strict on road worthiness. The condition of the body of your car is taken into account. A detail can extend the life of your car. 

Change your oil consistently

Keep your engine well lubricated. An engine that’s running without oil can be disastrous. If you are committing to check your oil pressure then do the same with your oil. You need to coincide one of your bi annual services with a change of oil. Check your vehicle manual and schedule your services accordingly. If it means taking your car in for an additional service then you should do it. 

There are other fluids to consider as well. Brake fluid; water; transmission fluid and coolant to name a few. Don’t neglect any of them. 

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