5 Tips to Avoid Expensive Truck Repairs

5 Tips to Avoid Expensive Truck Repairs

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Trucks are one of the most relied on vehicles out there. Despite how much we need them, trucks are made from degradable parts which need ongoing maintenance and care. Without a backup plan, you could find yourself in an unfavourable situation which costs more time and money than what it’s worth. Here are five of our tips to ensure you avoid expensive truck repairs.

Maintain regular inspections and maintenance

One of the best ways to help prevent unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs is with regular truck service and inspections. Getting familiar with your trucks and inspecting them at regular intervals (eg. weekly, daily) gives you insight into what wears the most, and when it may be time to get a service. Experienced truck mechanics can help you develop a checklist to lookout for when carrying out your own inspections. As all trucks are built differently, your mechanic can create a vehicle-specific list specifically for your truck

Have the right mentality 

Trucking is an extremely competitive field and as a result, trucks are considered to be costs rather than investments. Your trucks are huge investments, and it’ll be worth it in the long run to invest in regular maintenance now, than to pay for costly emergency repairs that may end up losing more money from missing deliveries. 

Regularly check your tyres

Regular maintenance on your tyres is crucial for a reliable, hardworking vehicle. Talk with your mechanic on what you should look for on your tyres. Reading the tread and keeping the right air pressure in your tyres will help prolong their lives and keep yours safer. Properly maintained tyres will also help your engine run to its full capacity, and will use fuel better. Ask your mechanic about the importance of a wheel alignment check too, and you don’t want to get caught out in an emergency situation. 

Regularly check your brakes

Alongside your types, keep a close eye on your brakes. It takes a lot of time to slow down a massive vehicle, and if your brakes aren’t up to scratch you can imagine what could happen. If your mechanic doesn’t mention it, find out when to get your brakes checked. Each truck will have different requirements so make specific plans for each truck.

Keep track under the hood

One thing your mechanic will likely explain is the importance of maintaining the fluids under the hood. Especially with winter over, the days will start getting hotter and your engine will start coming under more stress and heat. Make sure to check the engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant, windscreen wiper fluid, brake fluid and power steering fluid to help minimise the chance of a breakdown.

You’re not alone

If you treat your trucks well and keep them maintained, they’ll keep you business running for years to come. From petrol to diesel truck maintenance, talk to your trusted truck repair shop in Sydney for all this advice and more.

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