Extend Your Car’s Battery Life

Extend Your Car’s Battery Life

how to make your car battery last longer

There are few things that are as frustrating as a flat battery. It’s a rite of passage for drivers; at some stage we’ve all experienced it. The really annoying thing about a flat battery, when it occurs, is that there’s no warning signs and to make it worse, it always seems to happen when you’re a long way from home or you’re getting in your car to get somewhere with a bit of urgency, like work for instance.

Cars use lead acid batteries which are also used in your mobile phone or your laptop computer. You can expect your car battery lifespan to be about three and a half years out of a car battery depending on the length of the journey you take and the performance of your car’s charging circuit.

But if you want to get more from your battery then you can. You will need to change some of your habits and adapt some car battery maintenance but that may not be such a bad thing, the longevity of your car and its many parts is pretty much dependent on how you treat it.

Avoid short trips

Replacement of car batteries often occurs on short trips. Short trips are the enemy of the battery. You use up lots of energy when you start and you are not driving far enough or for long enough to replenish it. It’s not always possible to avoid short trips but if you can, it’s good for your battery. And a good long run as though is always good for a car, not just the battery.

Use a battery clamp

An approved battery clamp will reduce the damage caused to your battery by vibration. Vibration causes short circuits in your battery and reduces the life of your battery. Make sure to tighten the nuts on your battery clamp in case they are coming loose.

Turn off lights and accessories

Your battery runs best at 100% power. Sitting in your car and listening to the radio with the air con and the interior light on is no good for your battery. You shouldn’t put on any accessories when the car is off. It just uses power and may lead to a flat battery if you do it for long enough.

Keep it clean

Dirt and grime can damage the casing on your battery which could lead to a short circuit.

The same with the battery terminals. They will also corrode over time, and keeping them clean from buildup is a great way to extend the life of your car battery. You could scrub them with an old toothbrush dipped in baking soda and water. After that, use a spray bottle with cold water, rinse off the mix and follow it up with a thorough drying with a clean cloth.

Heat is a problem

Contrary to popular belief, it’s heat and not cold that is damaging to batteries. Sure, in cold weather it takes more to get your car started but the heat increases the rate of water evaporation from the cells – even in sealed top batteries. Your car has problems in cold weather because it is trying to start your car with a water-depleted battery. Parking in the shade or an insulated cover over your bonnet might help. Anything you can do to keep your battery cool is beneficial.

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