Five Tips For Servicing Your Car After a Long Road Trip

Five Tips For Servicing Your Car After a Long Road Trip

check tyres after road trip

After a long trip across the country or around the world, it can be tempting to just get back into your car and keep driving. However, that would be ill-advised as there are several things you should do before you hit the open road again. By adhering to these five tips, you’ll ensure that your vehicle remains in the best possible condition for the next leg of your journey.

  1. Check Your Brakes

Before you hit the road again, make sure that your car’s brake pads are still in good shape. While you may not feel like the vehicle is slowing down as quickly as it once did, this could be an indicator of worn-out brake pads, which need replacing. A good indicator of worn-out brake pads is whether you notice metal wear signs on them. Measuring the brake pad’s thickness can also tell you whether they need replacing or not. If you’re inexperienced with checking your brakes, it’s best to contact a brake specialist in Sydney to get them checked.

  1. Perform an Oil Change

If your vehicle is due for one, now would be the perfect time to perform an oil change, as you’ll likely return to a car that has accumulated some additional kilometres from being on the road again. Performing this service isn’t too tricky on your own but can be daunting for a first-timer. Don’t hesitate to talk to your local mechanic if the job becomes too much for you.

  1. Check your tyres

You should always take your tyre maintenance seriously. Check your tyre pressure before and after an extended journey, or if you can’t remember the last time you checked them. If your tyres aren’t at the correct psi, your car cannot run as optimally, causing you to spend more fuel. If your annual car service is coming up, it may be worth asking to check the alignment of your wheels to ensure even wear.

Australian law requires that tyres have at least 1.5mm of tread. Otherwise, they are unfit to be driven on and considered unroadworthy. Most Australian roads are wet most of the year, meaning that worn-out tyres could lead to a severe accident. If your tyres are looking smooth, get them replaced.

  1. Clean your car

If your car was dusty and grimy when you started the journey, it’s likely covered in dirt and grime by now. Dust and pollen can get everywhere inside your vehicle, clogging up the vents and leaving a nasty film over every surface. Before getting back on the road, ensure you’ve given your interior an excellent scrubbing to ensure your ride is as clean and comfortable as possible.

Don’t forget to clean the outside of your car, too! While you may not notice it, your vehicle keeps accumulating dirt that can’t be seen until you’ve given the bodywork a good scrubbing with soap and water. If you’re pressed for time, get an auto-detailing service to take care of this for you.

  1. Check your essential fluid levels

Your car has likely gone through a lot of stress lately.  Typically, your fluids will be at a safe level, but if you notice any are running dangerously low, it’s worth inspecting them before a big road trip and especially after one. Most cars have their essential levels marked on the inside of the bonnet so take a look while you’re under there to make sure everything looks in order. Your mechanic will also check this and top up any fluids upon request.

In conclusion, serviced cars are better to drive long distances without causing any damage to them from being on the road. Knowing these five tips for servicing your vehicle after a long road trip will help you save time, money and stress in the future. With these five simple steps, you’ll be ready to hit the road again in no time!

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